Mock IDP for Google Identity Toolkit

Welcom to GITKit Mock IDP!
This is an OpenID Identity Provider.
OpenID is the fast, easy and secure way to sign in to websites. Here are just a few benefits to using OpenID.
  1. Accelerate Sign Up Process at Your Favorite Websites.
  2. Reduce Frustration Associated with Maintaining Multiple Usernames and Passwords.
  3. Gain Greater Control Over Your Online Identity.
  4. Minimize Password Security Risks.

How to log in with OpenID?
  1. Enter your OpenID into a supporting web site's login form.
  2. Your browser then sends you to your OpenID provider to log in.
  3. Log in to your OpenID provider with your username and password.
  4. Tell your provider that the original web site can use your identity. You are then sent back to the original web site.




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